This website is designed to promote my adventure novels. Through the sale of these books, I hope to create awareness and interest in the plight of all our wildlife, and the senseless destruction of good commercial farming  in Africa.
Every year hundreds of Rhinos and Elephants are being poached and slaughtered for their horns and tusks. If this is not stopped quickly these magnificent animals, and many other species of wild animals, will soon become extinct. We need to do everything possible to help fight these poachers.

In some African countries, Zimbabwe in particular, land re-distribution laws, have forced commercial farmers to leave or abandon highly productive farms. This has resulted in farm labourers and their families losing their jobs and their homes, and the farms have become non-productive. This has created a massive shortage of food in the region, with thousands of people dying of starvation. With world-wide population explosion, there will soon be a universal food shortage. 

After browsing through this website I sincerely hope that your curiosity and reading appetite will be whet and you will buy one or all of the books in this trilogy, and follow the exciting, action-packed adventures of a pioneering family who have been in Southern Africa for 200 years; from the early Settlers to the present day.


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